100.000.000 USD from external partners for ”fight against TB and AIDS”

100 millions USD. This is the amount of money spent by the Center For Health Policies and Studies within the projects  financed by the external partners. The invested amount of money converted to the national currency is equivalent with almost 2 bln. lei. The biggest investment was offered by the Global Fund in order to implement 9 projects to fight TB and HIV/AIDS.

Only in the last 10 years the Center For Health Policies and Studies managed by Viorel Soltan and officially declared as a non-governmental and non-profit institution, obtained funds worth more that 90 mln. $ for the implementation of projects to fight tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS. The goal of the Center For Health Policies and Studies programs presented on the official site is to reduce the morbidity, mortality and the impact of these diseases on people who suffer of them, to assure the involvement of the civil society and to promote the patients rights, to reduce the pressure imposed by tuberculosis in Moldova and to fortify the healthcare system in the fight with those 2 diseases.

But the results were not noticed

Probably, the fault consists in the lack of efficient management of money offered for noble purposes. For instance, recently in a meeting the head of the non-profit Center For Health Policies and Studies, Viorel Soltan, has proposed 1 mln. $ that is 20 mln. lei to the Ministry of Health for the elaboration of a document on the tuberculosis prevention and combating. Did the Global Fund ask what happen with the money offered to this organization? What kind of documents cost 1 mln. $?

Although, the status of this institution provides a colaboration between the state authorities from the medicine aria, this provision is not observed in reality. Even if the head of the Center For Health Policies and Studies, Viorel Soltan, states in the majority of his interviews that the projects suppose close collaborations with the state institutions in order to maintain the tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS control, this statement was often denied by the state authorities. Mr. Soltan even confirmed for some periodicals that the relationship with the Parliament or the Government is often difficult and not everytime friendly. Thus, where are more that 100 mln. $ for combating the tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS gone, while our country continues to be in the top of the European countries with the lowest rate of tuberculosis treatment and the number of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2014 is raising.

Almost half of the people who suffer of tuberculosis do not recover after therapy. Also, in the last years the number of deaths caused by tuberculosis in Moldova has reduced with only 1%. The incidence of this disease, also overcame 3 times the average registered in Europe in 2014. Only those 46 mln. $ offered to the Center For Health Policies and Studies for projects of combating the tuberculosis could renovate 230 hospital wards (more than the number that exists in all the country) for the patients who suffer of this disease or to overhaul 11 hospitals for tuberculosis treatment.

Moreover, the Center For Health Policies and Studies praised the success on the assurance of security and privacy of personal data of patients who suffer of HIV/AIDS. In this regard, more projects with external investors were implemented. Meanwhile, the diagnosis of people with HIV are easily disclosed in hospitals, to relatives and generally to unknown people. Those living with HIV/AIDS are discriminated by the society like 10 years ago. This situation could be avoided if the Center For Health Policies and Studies finaced in order to elaborate the system of patients’ personal data assurance implemented efficiently the projects in this aria.

Thus, the question where are those 2 billions lei offered tot the Center For The Health Policies and Studies for cpmbating the TB and HIV/AIDS gone must immediately be seen in the agenda of institutions of law. The external partners could lose more the trust in state authorities because of this kind of behaviour of institutions that pretend to be non-profit and the institutions that do honestly their job could lose important fundings. The head of the Center For Health Policies and Studies, Viorel Soltan, was not found to comment the way those 100 mln. $ were used by the institution he manages.



So, what do you think ?