BAC 2012. Testele la limba franceză/engleză

Deocamdată sunt doar temele eseelor:

Engleză – How do change in society influence people’s culture? What can slow down or speed up cultural development?

Franceză – Enumerez quelques personalites remarquables dans notrepays, leur role dans notre pays


Civilization Topic
Culture is the behavior and practices of a community or society. Everything around us is culture, something that starts to embed itself in us from the time we are born. Both society and culture are interdependent on each other. Society follows a particular culture, and that culture is formed by the society itself. Different societies have different cultures. For example, in a country like India or the Unites States of America it is shameful for a man to cry in public. It shows him to be weak and unmanly, whereas in Italy, it is normal for a man to cry and display his emotions in public.

Culture is not a static entity, it is dynamic always changing. Each generation adds something new to culture, and may discontinue following certain practices that existed earlier. Culture also changes due to immigration or the mixing of two societies, in which case an entirely new culture may develop.

How society progresses, and what changes it makes determines how fast or slow the speed of cultural development is.




So, what do you think ?